About Skillario

Skillario gives you a place to practice and improve your skills for dealing with

  • important people and relationships in your life
  • complicated or challenging situations

... all while having a little fun by playing games!


We are focused on skills to support

  • Selling and Negotiating
  • Managing people and relationships

We know that using scenario based games will enable you

  • Understand
  • Practice
  • Perform in real life
  • Keep learning and growing


Skillario was founded in 2019 to help motivated learners like you develop your critical relationship-based business and life skills using proven effective scenario-based games.

Over the past decade a Skillario affiliated company, Alignor, began creating and successfully using these scenario-based games and videos to develop negotiators and leaders for their clients.  Alignor provides consulting, training and skill certifications for many large organizations and teams.  Skillario came into existence to leverage Alignor's content for individuals.