We Negotiate All The Time

Always Negotiating

In truth, we are negotiating every day when we try to convince someone to do (or not do) something.   

You can find yourself in

  • Formal or Informal negotiations
    • in your line of work as part of your job (sales, procurement, legal, etc.)
    • as a team member, leader or even as a subordinate at work
    • in your daily life inside or outside of work (with anyone you are trying to influence)
  • Relationship vs Transaction driven
    • Relationship: the other party or parties matter to you after the event
    • Transaction: do not really care about the other party afterwards
  • Question: given the instant and global sharing of any event, are any negotiations really transactional?

We have included an 11 minute video from our partner, Alignor, to shed some light on this topic and why should understand and prepare in advance to help you succeed.  Check out our Skillario EDU Portal for that video, free to registered members of this site.