Are you a self-skiller or self-learner?

Self Skillers

If you are a self-skiller (or self-learner), then Skillario was founded for you.  We are dedicated to meet the needs of people who want to learn through practice and experience.

What makes Skillario different?  Well we know that learning through listening, watching and being tested can only go so far.  Deep learning of interpersonal skills comes through deeper understanding of the situations and practicing different approaches.  You can never be sure how the other people in a situation may behave. 

Key Learning:  after playing any game, please check out the "Key Learning" section of that game to gain additional and valuable insights on what drives responses and behaviors and how to best prepare for situations like these.

If you have worked through a scenario in advance, you might be able to predict and adapt for different situations ... leading to the outcomes you really want.